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We grow a variety of culinary herbs, Asian greens and speciality lettuces. Our produce is harvested and packed daily for optimal freshness. We also grow to order, so if there is a particular line that you have been unable to source, contact us and we will assist you where possible.


Baby Basil - small leaf basil with spicy fragrance.

Basil -  large shiny green leaves, a strong sweet aroma and spicy, aniseed flavour.

Chives - thin grass like leaves with a delicate flavour of onion. Perfect accompanient for eggs and sauces.

Curly Parsley - slightly lemony aroma, fresh light flavour. Wonderful with warm vegetables.

Coriander - distinctive, strong aroma with a slightly peppery, earthy taste.


Mint - strong menthol aroma & a sweet, cool flavour. Goes well with yoghurt.

Pak Choi - supherb vegetable perfect for steaming or in stir fries.

Rosemary - an aromatic herb with pine like scent and a strong taste. A great addition to soups and rich meat braises.


Red Tatsoi  - delicious variety of pak choi. Add colour to salads or stir fries.


Shiso - spicy, cinamon scented aromatic used in salads and garnishes. Gorgeous rich, deep red leaves add colour to salads.

Watercress - attractive, bright green leaves with a  sharp, peppery bite. A great salad green, goes well with citrus dressing.



Potted seedlings of our range of herbs are also available

We can also supply seedlings in environmentally friendly eco pots which can be planted directly into the soil – no repotting and no plastic pot to recycle. The pots are manufactured from sphagnum peat, wood fibre and lime and are 100% compostable.

For more information please contact us.