Did You Know?

A herb is a plant that is valued for its taste, scent and medicinal properties. They have been grown for thousands of years for applications as diverse as cooking, food flavourings, cleaning, to ward off pests, to treat disease, as decorations and companion plantings in the garden to name a few. There are hundreds of herb plants and many have functional benefits beyond basic nutrition which we are learning more about every year.


Try This

Herbs have many uses other than in cooking. One of our favourite ways to use the products we grow is to flavour oil, so try this. Use this with tomatoes and salad greens.


Basil Oil

  • 3 tablespoons fresh basil leaves
  • 250ml boiling water
  • 500ml olive oil


Place the basil leaves in a medium bowl and pour over the boiling water. Let stand for 2-3 minutes. Drain and pat dry Process basil and oil in a food processor until well combined

Leave for 2-3 days to allow the flavours to develop. Strain through muslin and pour into a sterilized 500 ml bottle. Store in a cool dark place.



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