Agriculture is steeped in heritage and cropping systems vary widely around the world  While we respect the traditional forms of agriculture, we have chosen hydroponic farming for the minimal impact it has on the environment, and the fact that we can be located close to urban areas, just 45 minutes from our customers.

The word hydroponic comes from Latin and literally mean working water. Instead of using soil as a carrier for the nutrients the plants need, hydroponics use a customized nutrient solution to deliver the plants with perfectly calibrated nutrition all the time. Hydroponics gives the plants exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

We use computerized dosing and monitoring equipment to maintain nutrients at the appropriate levels so greatly reducing wastage and ensuring efficient plant uptake. Hydroponics has higher yields and shorter times between harvests, so total output is greater than conventional soil systems.

Produce is only harvested when ready to be used, and this ensures the produce is fresh and has all its nutritional and medicinal properties intact (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients).

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